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Commonly known as Bali Online, started with tourism and is now the country's pioneer Internet Travel Company. delivers the ultimate source of information about Bali and Indonesia on the Internet, where customers can easily find any information they need to make intelligent purchasing decisions.

Set up in 1995, is at the forefront in the industry, and has now taken the lead by providing a new Online Reservation System, which allows customers to check room availability and make online reservations in Real Time - i.e. they get confirmation instantly. All payment is done through 'Verisign', the system that is also used by Amazon and eBay.

Behavior Pattern Trends
  • Monthly Unique Visitors 500,000
  • Monthly number of hits 18,000,000
  • Page Views 2,600,000
  • Our visitors came from 140 countries around the world
Source: research
  • We have over 17,000 links to our site
  • About 60,000 rooms reservation were made through in 2000
  • More than 300 companies partner with us
Brand Position

  • Promote Indonesia for its travel and tourism purposes
  • Attract as many people around the globe to visit Indonesia
  • Become the pioneer of Indonesian travel sites; to capture attractive international markets by providing information and a transactions site for target customers; to create strategic options for people to enter Indonesia's domestic markets Office
  • has 2 offices in Indonesia: Jakarta and Bali. We run both corporate and business units in Jakarta, whilst in Bali we concentrate on business only
  • We have 85 employees, all of whom come from a solid background; this makes a strong energetic team to maintain our leadership and expand the business
What we have

Travel Site
  • - Bali and Indonesia on the net
  • - Asia Hotel Reservation
  • - Honeymooner in Bali
  • - Spa treatment in Bali
  • - Family vacation in Indonesia
  • - Villa vacation in Asia
  • - Bali & Celebrities
  • - Meeting Incentive Conference and Exhibition in Indonesia
  • - Japanese version of
  • - Special vacation for army personnel from Timor Timur
  • - Application Service Provider for Hotel & Travel Agent
  • - Bali adventure trips
Arts & Crafts
Arts & Crafts
  • garner opinion
Marketing Strategy: Target Group
  • Targeted towards the general public situated anywhere in the world, the core target being business travelers worldwide who choose Indonesia as their travel destination
  • Demographically defined as:
    - Adults aged 25 - 45
    - Average income US$ 72,000 per annum
  • Psychographically defined as well educated, Internet savvy, with high Internet usage including being used to doing transactions online
    - Users' occupations: business managers, professionals and employees
  • Behavioral
    - These travelers are characterized as Repeaters, where we can assume that the majority of the audience knows where they want to stay (>74%) and that a large number of business travelers are also tourists
  • Demographics
    - International market, mostly residing in urban areas
Advertising Opportunity
  • will offer business to advertisers who want to advertise on to communicate their products and services through advertising placements aimed at their target customers
Advertising Info
  • Ad type
    - Banner
  • Banner Type
    - jpg / gif ; 468 x 60 pixels ; maximum 10 kbytes
  • Ratecard
    - Front Page Banner : US$ 1,500 per month
    - Inside Page Banner : US$ 750 per month
    - 3 month purchase : discount 50%
  • Payment Info
    - Payment policy : billed at start of campaign
    - Payment methods : bank transfer
  • Advertising Contact Info
    - Contact e mail address :
    - Contact phone number (62-21) 7599-9974

Why Advertise with

  • is the leading Indonesian travel site which enables advertisers
    - to have international market visibility
    - to build strong awareness in the international community
  • - to reach similar target groups, i.e.:
    • High income earners
    • Business professionals
    • Premium class travelers
    - Advertising with means advertising with a site which has successfully established more than 17,000 links; this means a higher number of eyes looking at your advertisement.