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Indonesia consists of thousands of islands and more than 1500 species of birds are recorded in the country. Many of these islands are of great biological value. There are hundreds of nature reserves. I will describe a few of these, starting with some on Java, Bali and Lombok. In 1994 my wife and I spent five weeks on these islands. The pressure on bird habitats here is very high and many species are rather scarce as a result of massive capture for the pet trade. But still many places are worth a birding visit.

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  Birding on Java
  Birding on Bali

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I'm using the names and systematic order following the checklist based on the 1990 istribution and Taxonomy of Birds of the World and its 1993 Supplement by Sibley and Monroe.
  List of species of Java and Bali
  List of endemic species (Java and Bali)

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  A Field Guide to the Birds of Borneo, Sumatra, Java and Bali.
By John MacKinnon and Karen Phillipps.
This is the only field guide covering and illustrating all the birds of this area. Some of the plates are very poor but it is an essential book for the area.
  A Field Guide to the Birds of South-east Asia
By King et al.
This book covers most of the species though not the Sunda specialities.
  The Birds of Bali.
By Victor Mason and Frank Jarvis.
Illustrates some of the commoner species.
  A Field Guide to the Mammals of Borneo
By Francis et al.
This is a very useful book for identifying mammals.

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  Indonesian Department of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation (PHPA)9 Jalan Ir. H. JuandaBogorJavaIndonesia
9 Jalan Ir. H. JuandaBogorJavaIndonesia
  Asian Wetland Bureau (Indonesia).
17 Jalan Arzimar IIIBogor
Send them your records from wetland sites.
  BirdLife Indonesia
Bogor Office P.O.Box 310/Boo
Bogor 16003
Fax no.: +62-251-314361
E-mail :
  The Indonesian Ornithological Society
PO Box 4087
Jakarta 4087
Its regular journal is named Kukila.
  The Bali Bird Society
PO Box 400
  BirdLife Indonesia
Ambon Office
Jl.Pandan Kasturi SK 43/3
Kotak Pos 1097
Ambon 97000
Fax no.: +62-911-54845

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