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Creativity and Industry

With Balinese people's creativity and aesthetics, it is no wonder that Bali becomes a fertile ground for certain industries. Ceremonial attires lead to a developed garment and textile industry; statues, offerings, and paintings intended for the worship of the gods lead to extensive arts and crafts industry, silver and gold jewelry, and art galleries, from home-based to sophisticated and modern facilities.

Antiques, Arts & Crafts, Galleries: from distinctive small, carved, wooden-statues that you can tack on your refrigerator to intricate and highly stylistic furniture and interior decorations.

Garment & Textile: from simple yet profound checkered cloth to imaginative batik and unique ikat to modern day productions.

Jewelry: Silver & Gold: highly stylized and intricately sculptured silver and gold jewelry not to be found elsewhere.

Business Infrastructure: Cargo, General Trading, Regulatory/Legal Advisory, etc.

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