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Pokemon in Bali?


Pokémon in Bali?

Pokémon is short for pocket monsters. It is an extremely popular game amongst many generations. These monsters roam the lands. Your objective is to find them, capture, and train them, and fight others in battles. It used to be extremely popular in Nintendo Game Boy, complete with trading cards and TV series.

Pokémon Go is a new, mobile-version of the game, released by Nintendo for the iOS and Android platforms. It is free to download and to play, but you need to make in-app purchase of PokéCoins, which are used to buy Pokéballs that you need to catch Pokémon. The game use your phone’s GPS to locate you, and augment the reality you see on your screen with cool looking Pokémon. Of course, the digital you on your screen can be customized with clothing, others can join, and various other options.

Pokémon Go simply explodes! In such a short time. Within a week or so, it now has more active users than twitter, swiped more than Tinder…

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Launched in the UK: UK Launch

Craze of Pokémon Go has reached Bali?

With the madness in the US, it is no surprise that holiday makers in Bali are also searching for the monsters of Pokémon in their favorite vacation places.

Top potential locations of these monsters in Bali will be:

  1. Places of worships, temples.
  2. Shopping areas
  3. Tourist places
  4. Restaurants

Happy hunting…

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