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Your visit to Bali is not complete unless you also partake in a delightful gastronomical tour of the food and fruit of Bali. In fact, the multitude of sensations titillating your taste buds and olfactory senses upon seeing, smelling, and eating Balinese food and fruit should be enough of a reason to visit Bali. Wouldn't you say so? Or, if you want to try Indonesian food before your trip or to relive your experience, in your own kitchen, here are some recipes to assist you.

And these restaurants or restaurants at the various hotels will gladly assist you in your gastronomical adventure.

  • Paradise UN'S Restaurant: We serve a selection of European dishes. You will be treated to refined European cuisine and Indonesian specialties, and will spend an unforgettable evening in romantic candlelight.
  • Arak Bali Restaurant & Pub: Fun dining with live entertainment in Nusa Dua. Print the homepage for DISCOUNTS!
  • Bali Bamboo Restaurant and Guest House: Offering Balinese special gourmet dishes (like Balinese Smoked Duck) in a comfortable Ubud setting.
  • Crusoes Restaurant :CRUSOES Grill, Restaurant & Bar is Beach Front Restaurant at jalan double six-Seminyak, which open for Dinner and Supper daily.
  • Fabio's: The restaurant that serve original Italian food and dishes which is well know as "FABIO'S Ristorante Italiano Enoteca". The restaurant is located at Jl. Raya Seminyak No. 66 Kuta Bali.
  • New Café Luna: Since 1986 New Café Luna has considered among Kuta & Legian Top Place to go, and have a great experience there is always something happening at New Café Luna.
  • Santa Fe Bar and Grill: is the first café in Jl. Abimanyu No. 11A (former known as Jl. Dhyanapura) Seminyak, Kuta, Bali. It was established on October 2, 1993 and opens for 24 hours a day.
  • Teba Cafe: There's nothing better than Teba Café, if you want to taste real Balinese seafood cuisine. Located on Jimbaran Beach, just before Four Season Resort, and just five minutes from International Airport. You can even see them take off.
  • Uluwatu Cafe: Uluwatu cafe it is located at the beautiful sunset and white sand between four season resort and Denpasar airport. The cafe are not so far from kuta, sanur and nusa dua area. SO it's very easy to have lunch or dinner from your stay.
  • Warung Mina: romantic evening atmosphere you will find at Warung Mina where you can enjoy the freshest seafood served by friendly staff and cooked traditionally, all grilled seafood is served with rice, Vegetables, Boiled Potatoes, Special Sauce and Slice Fresh Fruits Dessert.
  • R.aja's Bar & Restaurants: Step forward to the hustle of Kuta, into a world of pleasure & exotic.Relax in the bar with an exclusive range of selected international and Indonesian cuisines, wines and cocktails.

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