Welcome to Bali

If you are like an average tourist when it comes to spending, Bali is probably the cheapest paradise. You can get a round-trip ticket from Europe or from the U.S. for about US$1,200 to US$1,500 (or even less if you buy well ahead or wait for promotional sales). The average tourist spends less than $100 per day for everything: food, accommodation, souvenirs, etc. So two weeks of living in paradise for less than US $3,000...

However, you can spend any amount of money in Bali. Accommodation, for example, can cost you from a $3 per night at a homestay to a $1,500 a night for a luxurious private bungalow facing the ocean. A painting of Bali starling from an apprentice in Ubud can cost you $100, but one from the Museum Puri Lukisan can cost you $10,000.

You can do it in style, or you can do it on a shoestring...

Bali has a sophisticated financial infrastructure to accommodate you. Most stores will accept most foreign currencies without hesitation. The local banks in Bali can help you transfer money easily from and to most countries, as well as exchanging your money into Rupiahs. Here is exchange rates of your currencies to Rupiahs.

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